Medical malpractice is not simply bad medicine. In some instances, it may occur when a physician fails to perceive the risk of disease, thereby not making a timely diagnosis.

In other cases, medical malpractice occurs when physicians fail to act upon a risk that a reasonable person in his/her position would act upon by initiating treatment. Medical malpractice also occurs when physicians make mistakes in diagnosis or treatment that cause subsequent harm to a patient.

Regardless, in all cases of medical malpractice the common link is that the medical care received is below the accepted standard of care for the condition resulting in significant avoidable injury, worsening of the condition, unnecessary suffering or wrongful death.

We at Goldberg & Carlton will act decisively to analyze the facts of your case. In addition to our attorneys, the firm also has the benefit of working with renowned experts in determining whether malpractice has occurred and, if so, proving the case at trial.

Doctors have a responsibility to provide proper care to patients and to ensure that they are never exposed to unnecessary health risks. Unfortunately, there are times where doctors do not live up to this responsibility leaving patients and their loved ones to deal with the physical and financial burdens.

It takes an experienced medical malpractice attorney to define the appropriate standard, to demonstrate how those standards were violated and to establish a clear link between the negligence and resulting injuries. At the law firm of Goldberg & Carlton we are equipped to handle such cases and have recovered significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

At Goldberg & Carlton, our lawyers can handle cases involving medical malpractice that include:

Medication and pharmacy errors
Surgical errors
Postoperative care errors
Radiology errors
Failure to diagnose cancer and other conditions
Misdiagnosis of injury or illness
Birth injuries
Anesthesia errors
Nurse malpractice

Every instance of medical negligence has the potential to cause catastrophic, life-changing and sometimes fatal injuries. If you believe that malpractice is to blame for your injuries, we can help you understand your options and whether it is in your best interest to pursue a claim.

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